A group of dedicated leaders in North Carolina are excited to bring the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) National Conference to Raleigh, NC in 2014. The national conference is the capstone of CCDA’s ministry and the benefits of bringing it to the region will long outlive each one of us. Listed below are five reasons why we are compelled to bring it here and a way for you to help us do it.

1. The CCDA conference helps equip, train and connect local churches to be the Church and fulfill its mission of making and strengthening disciples as we proclaim Christ’s kingdom in our under-resourced communities and beyond.

2. Not only does CCDA help the church, it provides a framework for the local church to work collaboratively with ministries and organizations, government, civic and faith-based, to positively impact under-resourced communities. This framework encourages kingdom leaders to combine time and talents to “build” Christ’s kingdom. As we build with people in the community and create sustainable solutions to problems in housing, employment, education and more, people are empowered to stand on their own and find solutions for problems confronting them. They gain dignity and are free to become who they were created to be, just like each one of us.

3. We believe a strong Christian witness in under-resourced communities is a harbinger of renewal and great change in our cities and nation. As Christians lead the way in making under-resourced communities great places to live, the non-believing world will join in as well because of the example and impact that is shown. God is glorified and we make Him known.

4. God is doing amazing things in the Southeast, US in general and in the Triangle area in particular and it is becoming especially evident in the area of service to the poor and under-resourced among us. Bringing the national conference to Raleigh will highlight much that is going on and will serve as a model for the rest of the nation to follow.

5.  Ministry and service with the poor is hard work. Burnout is experienced by 70% of nonprofit workers in general, and the church is not immune to it either. Funding for both nonprofits and churches working with the poor is inadequate and minimal resources are allocated towards effective training resources. The CCDA national conference is designed to meet the needs of both personal encouragement and ministry training, so that ministers, leaders, practitioners, and volunteers can more effectively proclaim Christ’s kingdom.

How can you help? Join our host city team as a church, individual or organization and make a commitment pledge towards the $125,000 contribution to the conference budget required by the host city.  As we know, many hands make light work and thus, we can easily exceed this $125,000. See the list of over 60 churches, ministries and organizations that have attended CCDA functions locally or expressed interest in the work of CCDA.  For example, the following pledges would get us there:

–          1-$10,000 sponsor

–          4- $7500 sponsors

–          8- $5000 sponsors

–          10- $2500 sponsors

–          20- $1000 sponsors

If you are interested in joining us to make this historic event a reality, make your pledge today by sending an email with your pledge commitment to the person who gave you this letter and add the info to the list below. If you need more information and want to gain a better understanding, please read the 2012 Conference Sponsorship information packet or contact Byron McMillan at byronmcmillan@gmail.com or 919-889-1052.

Blessings to you all,

The 2014 Raleigh CCDA National Conference Host Team